Bonneville Offroad Racing

Bonneville Offroad Racing
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Bonneville Offroad Racing
Sport Off-Road Racing
Abbreviation BOR
Founded 1989
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
President Kyle MacArthur
Official website
United States
Bonneville Offroad Racing (BOR) is an desert racing organization based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Bonneville Off-road Racing Enthusiasts (BORE), the predecessor to BOR, was established by Jim Baker in 1989[1] as a local, more affordable, friendlier, alternative to the Southern California and Mexico races put on by SCORE. Even with its lean organizational team, it offered full-seasons of challenging, well-planned and well-marked courses; with all the ear-marks and perks of a much larger, professionally run, organization (e.g., big-name event sponsors, informative newsletters, comprehensive points-scoring, computerized event-timing). It is believed to be the first of its kind to have state-of-the-art, computerized, event-timing with real-time scoring (developed by Potter Engineering & Consulting); which allowed racers and spectators to monitor the up-to-the-minute race-status of all event entries. Before his own passing (in 2014), Jim passed the leadership-torch to a team of enthusiastic successors; who continue to put on races in Northern Utah, Northeastern Nevada, and Southern Idaho.

The BOR racing series consists of four events a year, taking place from April to October.

Vernal Dinosaur Dash – Vernal, UT
Jackpot 200 – Jackpot, NV
Knolls 200 – Knolls, UT
Wendover 250 – Wendover, UT
Historical Events
Ely 200 – Ely, NV
Aragonite GP – Aragonite, UT
Delle GP – Delle, UT

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