Legacy Racing Association – VT Construction Battleground

Jesus Mendez Jr

VT Construction Battleground VT Construction Battleground Overview Short Course, multiple heats, two days of racing. The course is approximately 9 miles. Most classes will do 8 Laps. GPS will be available Monday 9/27 VT Construction Battleground Schedule Thursday, September 30 - Qualifying for Unlimited Trucks, Class 1 & Class 6100 Friday, October 1 - Registration, ... Read more

Legacy Racing Association – Dirt Rebelution

Dirt Rebelution Dirt Rebelution Overview Cedar City, Utah   -   November 5-7, 2021  It’s a Rebelution for sure! Our Dirt Rebelution event is a loop race, being run on a revived area in Cedar City, Utah. It’s open to Motorcycles, Quads & UTVs. Southern Utah provides fall colors, beautiful weather, and picture-perfect sunsets. Mark your ... Read more

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