SCORE Class 1

SCORE Class 1 is an open-wheel unlimited-class that competes in the SCORE off-road race series including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, San Felipe 250 and the SCORE Desert Challenge. Class 1 is defined as an unlimited four-wheel single and two-seat vehicles. No production bodied vehicles allowed in this class. Engines must be normally aspirated. Since it is an open-class, all components are considered open unless restricted by SCORE International.[2]

Vehicle numbers have become permanently assigned to each driver. Numbers 100-109 is reserved for the prior years driver standings for positions 1-9 respectfully. Numbers 100-199 will be available for assignment. Drivers who have used a number in the prior years season will be given first option for the same number in the current season.

Vehicle description
Class 1 vehicles are most often two-wheel drive, and most feature a 4130 chromoly tube-frame chassis covered by a composite body with an aluminium interior containing either a single or two seats.

The Class 1 features a 125″ wheelbase with 37″ tires on 17″ lightweight wheels attached to Fox Shocks[3] or King Shocks[4] allowing 22″ of wheel travel, with a dry weight of 3500 pounds and 60 gallon fuel cell.

Class requirements
Unlimited. Usually V8, rarely V6. 500BHP and greater.


May not have a production appearing Utility or Sport Utility body.

Notable race teams
All German Motorsports – Armin Schwarz, Martin Christensen, Armin Kremer
Letner Racing – Kory Halopoff, Harley Letner
McMillin Racing – Daniel McMillin – Paul Keller
Wilson Motorsports – Randy Wilson, Ronny Wilson
LVDC- Pat Dean
DanZio Racing – Josh Daniel
Cops Racing Team

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