SCORE Class 6

SCORE Class 6 in off-road racing is an open production unlimited class that competes in the SCORE[1] off-road race series including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, Baja Sur 500, San Felipe 250 and the SCORE Desert Challenge. Unlimited 4 wheel vehicles. Class 6 was added in 2009.

Vehicle description
Unlimited four-wheel vehicles. Vehicles must have a production appearing Utility or Sports Utility body. Lexus LX series and Toyota 4runner are previous participants.

Class requirements
Engine may be of any manufacture as that of the body. Engine limited to a maximum of six cylinders.

Track width must not exceed 87 inches as measured outside of tire to outside of tire.

Must maintain a production appearing body. Stock appearing grill and headlight openings must be retained. Body subject to SCORE approval.

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