World Series of Off-Road Racing

The Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing (WSORR) was an American off-road racing series. The series began in 2007 and it ended after the 2008 season.

1 Classes
2 Tracks
3 Champions
3.1 PRO 4×4
3.2 PRO 2WD
3.3 PRO Light
3.4 SRT Super Truck
3.5 PRO Super Buggy
3.6 SRT Stock Truck
3.7 SRT 1600 Buggy
3.8 SRT 1600 Light
3.9 SRT Formula 4×4
3.10 Grassroots Classix
3.11 Grassroots Enduro
4 Television
5 References
6 External links
WSORR sanctioned classes from Trophy Trucks down to grassroots racers.[1] Feature classes included high performance, high power Trophy race trucks in 4×4, 2WD and compact pickup truck configurations.[1]

Bark River International Raceway (2007, 2008)[2][3]
Crandon International Off-Road Raceway (2007, 2008)[2][3]
Lucas Oil Speedway (2007, 2008)[2][3]
Sunnyview Expo Center (2008)[2]
Steele County Fairgrounds (2007)[3]
PRO 4×4
2008 Kent Brascho[4]
2007 Johnny Greaves[5]

2007 Pro 2WD champion Scott Taylor, pictured in 2012
2008 Dan Vanden Heuvel, Sr.[4]
2007 Scott Taylor[5]
PRO Light
2008 Jeff Kincaid[4]
2007 Chad Hord[5]
SRT Super Truck
2008 Keith Steele[4]
2007 Ben Wandahsega[5]
PRO Super Buggy
2008 John Mason[4]
2007 Gary Nierop[5]
SRT Stock Truck
2008 Eric Ruppel[4]
2007 Scott Beauchamp[5]
SRT 1600 Buggy
2008 Mark Steinhardt[4]
2007 John Fitzgerald[5]
SRT 1600 Light
2008 Mike Vanden Heuvel[4]
2007 Jamie Kleikamp[5]
SRT Formula 4×4
2008 Dave DeMaegd[4]
2007 Dave DeMaegd[5]
Grassroots Classix
2008 Rob Weiland[4]
Grassroots Enduro
2008 Jim Van Rixel[4]
WSORR events were shown tape delayed on American television on Speed Channel and on Motors TV in Europe.[6] VERSUS broadcast some of the events.[1]

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